Brand Identity Process

brand identity process
Mystique’s brand identity process utilizes research, analytics, and creativity to attain a clear and deep understanding of unmet needs and opportunities related to customers or markets, to create value for your business.

A process that ensures your brand identity both embodies and advances your company’s desired perceptions – ingrains the message into company culture – and acts as a constant reminder of its core values and its heritage.

Regardless of the nature of your business or the complexity of the engagement, the process remains the same. What changes is the depth with which each phase is conducted, the amount of time and resources allocated, and the size of the team, on both our side and yours.

The process is defined by distinct phases with logical beginning and ending points, which allow decision making at the appropriate intervals. Eliminating steps or reorganizing the process may present an appealing way to cut costs and time, but doing so can pose substantial risks and impede long-term benefits – the process, when done right, can achieve remarkable results.

Mystique’s Brand Identity Process

Phase 1. Research and Analysis

  • Clarify vision, strategies, goals and values
  • 360° research – needs and perceptions
  • Conduct internal, competitive, technology and legal audit
  • Interview key management
  • Evaluate existing brand(s) and brand architecture.

Phase 2. Brand Strategy

  • Synthesize learnings
  • Clarify brand strategy
  • Develop a positioning platform
  • Co-create brand attributes
  • Create a naming strategy.

Phase 3. Design Brand Concept

  • Visualize the future
  • Design brand identity
  • Finalize brand architecture
  • Examine applicability
  • Present visual strategy.

Phase 4. Brand Expressions

  • Finalize design solution
  • Initiate trademark protection
  • Prioritize and design applications
  • Design identity program
  • Apply brand architecture.

Phase 5. Managing Assets

  • Build synergy around new brand
  • Develop launch strategy and plan
  • Launch internally first
  • Launch externally
  • Develop standards and guidelines
  • Nurture brand champions.


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