Direct Mail

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    CIBC credit card promotion
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    Jewish Vocational Service fundraiser
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    Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
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    Schizophrenia Society fundraiser
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    CIBC Bank at Work newsletter
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    RIO Insurance Broker mailer
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    Thorncliffe Dental patient acquisition mailer
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    Kids Dental Referral Marketing
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    OH Metering Letter
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    Thorncliffe Dental Patient Acquisition
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    WWF Postcard & Envelope

Your Business Should Consider Using Direct Mail

While many marketers regard direct mail as a thing of the past, others recognize how direct mail has evolved with technology and are again embracing direct mail as they acknowledge the advantages associated with it.

Understand this:

  • Direct mail still works! Because it’s highly targeted, measurable, individualized and flexible, it’s still a valuable acquisition tool.
  • With the much stricter rules for email created by CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) you are no doubt going to see businesses divert some of their online budget to take advantage of Direct Mail’s ability to reach new customers cost effectively.
  • Because of the cost associated with printing and postage, companies that are using direct mail face far fewer competitors.
  • Most people also open their mailboxes and sort through their mail as soon as it gets delivered.
  • Direct mail has a more trustworthy reputation as a result of its tangibility. To put it simply, there are no hidden viruses inside an envelope.
  • People generally like getting mail. Direct mail appeals to many demographics. Older people prefer the familiarity of traditional mail delivery. And young, under 30, consumers appreciate the novelty of receiving mail.
  • You have the chance to include unique elements that are simply lost or unappreciated in email. Things like coloured or scented paper, brochures, and even small branded objects like pens, stickers, or buttons. These spark interest in consumers and allow your company to stand out.
  • Direct mail marketing integrates well with other strategies such as social media, websites, PR, and promotions. For instance, you can use mail to direct recipients to your social media platforms.
  • Direct mail can have produce great ROI with relatively low production and discounted mass mailing costs. You can spend as much you need since you choose how many letters you want to send out.

So the next time you’re revisiting your marketing strategy, take a moment to explore how Direct Mail can break through the clutter and boost the return on your marketing investment.

For a free assessment of how Direct Mail might improve your marketing efforts, contact us now.