Marketing automation generates
more leads, drives sales and proves ROI.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation will help optimize each phase of your marketing funnel. At the top, you will capture more leads with VistorID and dynamic forms. In the middle, lead tracking, lead scoring and sales notifications will enable sales teams to close more deals. At the bottom, closed deals (won and lost) are analyzed to eliminate waste and identify successful tactics – allowing you to drive more leads with the same marketing dollars. marketing automation

How does this differ from an email service provider?

Email service provider (ESP) – such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, etc – are extremely limited in functionality and analytic capabilities. An ESP will send an email and tell you how many people opened and clicked through the link. Marketing automation systems will send emails then track where contacts traveled through the website, score this behaviour, and automatically send follow-up emails based on activity. Just as important, marketing automation can notify salespeople of a leads behaviour and interests, so they have the knowledge to turn the lead into a sale. Finally, marketing automation will produce analytics for every step through the sales funnel, allowing the savvy marketer to optimize the entire process. This list of features will help you clearly understand the value of marketing automation and the limitations of an ESP.

marketing automation

How does this apply to your business?

marketing automation

benchmarks for automation

Marketing Automation Benchmarks for Small & Medium Businesses

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Case Study: Software Company Leveraged SharpSpring for Generating New Leads

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Case Study: Roofing Company Leverages Marketing Automation to Generate Leads from Current Customers

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marketing automation

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B2B Application

In your B2B business, the high revenue per sales transaction (RPU) marketing automationcompany justifies the relatively small spend on marketing automation. With every sale worth thousands, and every lead worth hundreds of dollars it’s extremely important to identify every lead and engage them until you can convert as many leads as possible into sales at the highest rates possible. Marketing automation helps you drives more qualified leads and collects valuable sales intelligence to improve your closing rates. Triple Your Leads via VisitorID For B2B companies, the Visitor ID feature alone can double or triple the number of leads generated by all of your other marketing efforts. When you consider that less than 3 percent of visitors fill out a form, this means that 97% of the traffic being generated from PPC campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing can be considered wasteful. VisitorID will identify many of these “anonymous” visitors, tell your sales team what they’re interested in and provide contact information such as email and phone numbers. In many situations, Visitor ID can double or triple the average conversion rate of a website.

B2C Application

The benefits of marketing automation for B2C companies can be equally impressive. The ability to segment customers and automate near one-on-one communication will drive more sales. While all the analytics captured will help eliminate waste, refine messaging and prove ROI. marketing automation Customer Segmentation via Dynamic Lists Dynamic lists are a great way to illustrate the power of marketing automation. For instance, a tshirt company selling coloured shirts. You send out an email with five links for five coloured shirts. The contacts will click through to the colour shirt they are interested in. As this happens, a dynamic list will populate and inform the t-shirt company which shirt colour the contacts like. The dynamic lists then allow you to send specific messaging geared towards the contacts’ interests – in this example the colour of the shirt. Lead scoring will quantify the engagement of this communication and notify your client’s sales team when a hot lead is ready for a purchase. *RPU – revenue per unit

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