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Market Research Toronto

Many small businesses underestimate the value of market research and how it can advance your brand. Some business owners feel they know exactly what their customer wants, or needs. Others, especially start-ups, feel that they don’t have enough in the budget for brand research. Regardless, sound brand and marketing decisions must be based on fact and insight, not gut instinct. You don’t have to spend a fortune on research but you should always validate any assumptions to ensure your investment is sound.

From qualitative discovery work, to testing alternative strategies and execution elements, to tracking brand performance over time, Mystique can help. Research engagements are always tailored to your exact needs covering every key aspect of brand development.

Put distance between your business and your price-driven competitors.

market research toronto

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Research can help with:

Brand strategy

  • Customer behaviour/needs insight
  • Purchase and loyalty drivers
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand equities and liabilities
  • Competitive assessments
  • Employee sensibilities
  • Investor perspectives
  • Corporate sustainability priorities
  • Brand platform validation/refinement
  • Brand extension/portfolio rationalization

Design and nomenclature

  • Design testing/validation
  • Names/naming testing/validation
  • Messaging testing/validation

Brand management

  • Brand equity transfer management
  • Customer experience refinement
  • Brand performance tracking/scorecards
  • Brand valuation
  • Communications channel and mix assessment

User experience

  • Usability testing
  • Message testing and validation
  • Information design reviews
  • Performance and scalability.

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