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Harness the power of market research to uncover a competitive edge.

Many small businesses underestimate the value of market research and how it can advance your brand. Some business owners feel they know exactly what their customer wants, or needs. Others, especially start-ups, feel that they don’t have enough in the budget for brand research. Regardless, sound brand and marketing decisions must be based on fact and insight, not gut instinct. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on research but you should always validate any assumptions to ensure your investment is sound.

From qualitative discovery work, to testing alternative strategies and execution elements, to tracking brand performance over time, Mystique can help. 

Research engagements are always tailored to your exact needs covering every key aspect of brand development.

Put distance between your business and your price-driven competitors.

Is your brand strategy built on a solid foundation of insights?

Your brand strategy is a roadmap to developing real connections with your target audience. It’s about creating stories people care about — and remember.

And the right research can help you make that happen. It can be the difference between a brand strategy that works for you, or against you.

Just gathering the data isn’t enough. You’ll need a keen understanding to transform data into insights that help you make smarter brand and business decisions.

Our integrated Brand Communications System approach helps you do that —  use your research to inform brand development, lead generation, nurturing, and customer development strategies.

Market research AND marketing research

Market research is a broader look at markets, individuals, and organizations and marketing research focuses more on marketing issues like promotion and branding.

Market research considers political, economic, social and technology market trends, direct and indirect competition, target market attributes, the customer wants and needs, etc. 

Marketing Research focuses on the four Ps of the marketing mix (product, promotion, place, price)  through research like advertisement testing, product concept testing, usability tests, pricing research, channel research, etc.

With over 35 years of using market and marketing research to build brand strategy that delivers, Mystique Brand Communications will leverage your research to help you achieve your brand and business goals.

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Areas of Market research

Customer Research: Profiling customers, their motivations, behaviours, demographics and locations. Spending power,  numbers,  interests, dislikes and more. Useful for segmentation and targeting. More useful for predicting trends and launching new offerings.

Advertising Research: Measuring the success of advertising campaigns, to understand which media and messages are most effective in reaching customers.

Product Research: Testing new products and service ideas on potential customers. 

Distribution Research: Finding the most effective distribution channels to reach your target customers.

Sales Research: Assessing the effectiveness of your salespeople, sales techniques and sales management methods.

Environment Research: Scanning your market and environment for threats, opportunities and any factors that might affect your brand and business.

Market research techniques

Mystique’s expertise in market research covers not only the traditional methods of market research, like surveys and focus groups, but also newer methods to uncover insights, like using social media data.

  • Surveys 
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Customer observation
  • Social media listening 
  • Public data
  • Purchased data
  • Sales data
  • Competitive analysis

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The Mystique market research approach

Identify and define the problem.

The first step in almost every problem-solving methodology is defining or identifying the problem, and what you hope to solve through research. 

Develop the approach.  

Designing an approach to research that will give you the insights you’re looking for while keeping in mind your constraints and influencing factors.

Research design. 

The way your survey, questionnaire, focus group structure, sampling methods or any research methodology is designed could your final results.

Collect the data. 

Data collection methods vary widely, depending on the type of insights you’re looking for. Mystique uses tried and tested reliable methods for your qualitative or quantitative research.

Analyze the data to uncover insights. 

To make the most of your research data, we’ll convert it into easy-to-understand information and insights that will inform your business decisions.  

Report, and build a strategy around insights. 

The final step delivers actionable insights from your research findings to help you meet your goals.

Research can help with:

Brand strategy

  • Customer behaviour/needs insight
  • Purchase and loyalty drivers
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand equities and liabilities
  • Competitive assessments
  • Employee sensibilities
  • Investor perspectives
  • Corporate sustainability priorities
  • Brand platform validation/refinement
  • Brand extension/portfolio rationalization
Design and nomenclature

  • Design testing/validation
  • Names/naming testing/validation
  • Messaging testing/validation

Brand management

  • Brand equity transfer management
  • Customer experience refinement
  • Brand performance tracking/scorecards
  • Brand valuation
  • Communications channel and mix assessment
User experience

  • Usability testing
  • Message testing and validation
  • Information design reviews
  • Performance and scalability.

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