Well-defined brand architecture creates
the optimal relationship between your brands.

An investment in brand architecture can improve the efficiency and performance of your marketing.

As your organization grows, branding has a tendency to become more complicated. Each time you add something new into the mix — whether it be product lines, services, locations, or regions — you run the risk of confusing your client base. Brand architecture is the strategic discipline used to help you define and establish rules regarding how your brands fit together in one coherent offering.

Brand architecture helps your audience relate to your brand, form positive opinions and preferences for all of your brands by interacting with a single brand in your stable. It affects all your business assets and is accompanied by a system of names, colours and other branding elements to align your company’s personality traits and provide consistency to your messaging.

Strong brand architecture leads to business success.

A clearly laid-down brand architecture is the result of in-depth analysis. It helps you highlight the star players of your business while giving you room to work on the others.

Mystique works with you to assess your existing structure, providing clarity, synergy and leverage based on the following:

  • Financial resources
  • Customer “bandwidth”
  • Strategic decisions (partnerships, etc.).

Key questions we help you address include:

  • How does the brand structure maximize your competitive edge?
  • What does the brand structure mean for the audience you’re targeting?
  • Which brand should come first and how do we decide which brand to use?

Focus on a strong foundation that lets you build a memorable brand.

Investing in brand architecture helps you identify a central unifying idea which all of your behaviours, actions and communications will align. With our services, you will be able to:

  1. Clarify your product and service offerings to your audience
  2. Recognize and strengthen brand values
  3. Identify and improve weak spots
  4. Refine your business processes
  5. Increase your overall brand equity


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