Branding is just as important for your

small business as it is for the big brands.

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What can brand strategy do for your company?

While many small business owners understand that branding is essential to their business, many don’t really know why. Most recognize that there’s a link between successful businesses and strong branding, but too few realize that successful brands have invested in brand strategy upfront.

Developing a brand strategy on your own can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It’s typically the area which causes the biggest challenge, but it’s a vital step in creating a leading brand. It’s why our brand strategy company exists — to provide support and direction for your business.

Brand strategy is about creating stories people care about — and remember.

People don’t buy products, they buy solutions. To break through the noise, not only do you need to differentiate your concept from others, your distinction must also be highly valued. It’s about creating a perception. Providing clarity as to what you want to be known for and how you plan to achieve that. It’s your promise of value. And ultimately, your reputation.

Brand strategy is not marketing.

Consider brand strategy as your roadmap to develop real connections with your target audience. Working with Mystique, you’ll end up with a meticulous master plan, defining how to differentiate your offering, your mission, your goals, and how to deliver on them to add true value to your customer base.

While brand messaging and marketing are important elements of brand strategy, we’ll work closely with you to address other possible components to deliver value compared to the competition, including:

  • accessing aspects of your market: niche, size, characteristics, demographics and psychographic.
  • customers and competitors
  • product or service offerings
  • packaging, pricing, sourcing, distribution, and communication decisions
  • personality, colours, and voice for your brand.

Make people fall in love with your brand.

Mystique’s brand strategy process utilizes research, analytics, and creativity to attain a clear and deep understanding of unmet needs and opportunities to create value for your business. A process that ensures your brand both embodies and advances your company’s desired perceptions — ingrains the message into company culture — and acts as a constant reminder of its core values and its heritage.

Mystique works with small business owner and managers, developing brand strategies that help them create emotional connections with prospects and customers alike. Isn’t it time you devised a brand strategy that leads to better loyalty, advocacy as well as the ability to charge higher prices, and ultimately deliver better sales?

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Mystique’s branding capabilities include:

Marketing Research
Brand Audit
Competitor Audit
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning

Brand Guidelines
Brand Experience
Literature System Design
Website Design
Brand Building/Lead Generation

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