Creative Business Name Development
is critical to the bottom line.

Business Brand Name Development

Thinking of starting a new business? Or revitalizing your brand? Either way… do yourself a favour and invest wisely in the business naming process. We’re not suggesting that a company can’t succeed, even prosper, with a name that lacks a powerful positioning strategy. What we are saying is that the ongoing task of building a brand is made much easier, and more cost-effective, when the mere mention of your business name creates a positive and lasting impression on your target audience.

Understand the power of a great company name.

A creative business name makes it possible to:

  • Achieve separation from competitors
  • Make an instant emotional connection
  • Reinforce a unique value positioning platform
  • Create positive and lasting impression with your audience
  • Develop into a self-sustaining PR vehicle
  • Associate powerful marketing and advertising images
  • Build a brand story that rises above the norm and takes price out of the buying equation.

A powerful business name is the result of a powerful positioning strategy.

The key to developing a powerful business name is finding a fresh way into the hearts and minds of your customers. Redefine, and own, the conversation in your industry. And engage people on as many levels as possible. The best company names represent the ultimate process of boiling these ideas down into a word or two.

Creating great company, or product, names requires a process.

A naming process that is clear, insightful, logical, and focused will lead to a name and tagline that serve as powerful components of your brand strategy.

Mystique’s name development process is flexible to allow us to customize it to your company’s specific needs.

Step One: Competitive Analysis
Step Two: Positioning
Step Three: Name/Product Development
Step Four: Trademark
Step Five: Creative Testing
Step Six: Final Name and Tagline

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Do you need help developing a powerful name for your business? Let Mystique help. Through discussion and research, we’ll challenge you to broaden your own perspectives by viewing the world through the eyes of your employees, competitors, customers, and influencers. The process will identify the key values your brand represents and help define the unique character that should exist in every facet of your brand experience.

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