Targeted email marketing is the most
cost-effective way to communicate
with your customers and prospects.

Effective email marketing delivers value to a lead while working simultaneously to build a relationship, influence behaviour and encourage engagement

While inbound marketing is enjoying the spotlight these days, don’t lose sight of the fact that outbound marketing is still an important part of the mix. Permission-based email marketing is a proven outbound marketing tactic – being both targeted and measurable – and is essential to the success of your business.

Targeted email marketing is the most cost-effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. It’s immediate. It’s personal.

And every business should take advantage of this powerful, highly targeted communications tool to build relationships with your customers and prospects alike.

Full service permission-based Email marketing

Mystique Brand Communications offer a turnkey solution providing you with complete hands-off management of your email marketing communications program. Our professional staff in Toronto can help you address all your email marketing requirements – including strategy, copy writing, custom responsive template design, audience profiling, email message delivery, list management and hygiene, results monitoring and in-house database integration.

Not only can we help you prepare seasonal and tactical email marketing campaigns that encourage repeat visitors, but we can also help you integrate goal directed design within your website to encourage users to do what you want them to when they hit your site.

We’ll work closely with your marketing team to review the trends and statistics to continually improve results in an effort to translate your overall marketing objectives into user-centred web communications strategies.

Contact Mystique Brand Communications for a cost-effective approach to email marketing which will boost the response rate of your campaign and your sales.

Email marketing Services

Our email marketing experts will evaluate your business goals and develop an email marketing campaign strategy to help you meet your objectives. The strategic plan of a full-service email marketing program typically includes:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Target audience
  • Value proposition
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Call-to-action
  • Email List acquisition
  • Customized subscription forms
  • List growth plan
  • Send frequency
  • List Management and List Hygiene
  • Email Message Creative
  • Template Design and HTML Coding
  • Email Message Delivery
  • Results Monitoring and Reporting
  • Tracking and Testing
  • Database Integration.

Self-Serve Email Marketing Service
For those who have the capability we also offer a self-serve or DIY email marketing model. We can set you up with an account where you can create, schedule and send professional HTML email messages in minutes. All you need is a permission-based email list and an account. Once you have those you can start emailing to your customers and prospects immediately.

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