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Creative logo design and brand identity are essential to the success of your growing business.

Everyday we’re bombarded by brands, and serving as a cornerstone of this barrage of marketing is the logo. From your business card to your signage, your website to your social media channels — your logo is featured in every aspect of your business branding. Serving as the foundation, your logo has a responsibility. Your logo not only needs to enhance the crucial first impression, it should also leave a lasting impression; ideally representing everything your company stands for while inspiring trust, reliability and familiarity.  You need an experienced logo design company that understands how to drill down to the essence of your organization and translate that graphically.

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A visually stunning logo and branding built around it can either make or break your business; with the potential to build loyalty between your business and your customers. We get it. Mystique exists to help you succeed. In fact, we’ve been designing custom logos since 1986. During that time we’ve developed a logo design process that ensures delivery of successful logo designs and creative branding for our clients – both on time and budget. As a branding agency, our team of logo design experts, located in Toronto and London, create more than stunning visual identities – we create brand identities that help organizations stand out with visual identity design that allows you to consistently communicate across multiple channels. Regardless of the size of your company Mystique has the brand experience you can count on to design a memorable logo that helps create loyal followers.

Considering the importance of your logo, scrimping on a cheap logo design doesn’t make sense.

Whether you’re a start-up or a small business looking to invest in a rebrand, you need to get your branding right. While branding is so much more than your logo, your logo sets the tone. Good design takes time. Research and strategy are important elements of good logo design. Still, we know that budgetary constraints come into play when you search for logo design, especially for small businesses. If you’re working with a shoestring budget, consider a wordmark design as they require far less time to create.

A wordmark logo;  simple yet effective.

Wordmark logos are the simplest therefore the cheapest to produce. Wordmarks are pure text or character-based logos; ideal for short, distinctive business names. Because wordmarks are text-based, choosing a typeface that communicates your brand personality is critical. And yes, typefaces convey character so picking the appropriate font is key.

If you have a fear of text being boring, you may want to consider adding ‘character features’ to the wordmark; an eye-catching change to a single character to make it stand out from the rest to add an element of surprise which adds to a logo’s memorability.

How much does professional logo design cost?

A professional logo design may cost anywhere from $500 for a simple wordmark logo, to $3000 or more for a more intricate design. This includes at least 3 logo concepts to choose from with revisions made on the preferred option until the final logo design is approved. Combination and emblem-based designs take more time so they cost more to develop.

Each logo type is more than capable of achieving this synergy with the proper creative. Which logo direction is best suited for your business’ needs depends on your particular situation. First and foremost your logo should be designed to match your brand personality (or what your brand strives to be).

Working with Mystique, you can be confident that your final logo will do your company justice, setting your business apart from your competitors. Based on your vision, strategies and values, Mystique will design and present logo concepts that not only represent your brand strategy, but stand the test of time. Potential customers and clients alike will feel confident that your company can deliver its brand promise.

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