To build a strong business, a solid logo
and branding design is a must.

Small Business Logo Design

Everyday we are bombarded by brands. Serving as the centrepiece of these brands is the logo. Understand that your logo is the cornerstone of all future branding. Your logo is the visual representation of everything your company stands for. Ideally, your company logo design should enhance the crucial first impression a prospective client has of your business.

Your logo needs to be unique – memorable. Your logo also needs to inspire trust, reliability and familiarity. A well designed logo has the potential to build loyalty between your business and your customers.

There are number of logo options to choose from.

Which logo direction is best suited for your business’ needs depends on your particular situation. First and foremost your logo should be designed to match your brand personality (or what your brand strives to be). Each logo type is more than capable of achieving this synergy with the proper creative but some will naturally fit better than others.

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Factors such as start-up status, budgetary constraints or modest brand equity and exposure will come into play when designing your logo, especially for small businesses. In these cases a combination mark with a simple icon may work best as they offer a level of versatility for short and long-term considerations. Wordmarks also offer a simpler approach that can pack an equal amount of punch for those working with smaller budgets.

Are you looking to get a new logo designed for your company?

Regardless of the size of your company Mystique has the brand experience you can count on to design a memorable logo that helps create loyal followers through. Based on your vision, strategies and values, Mystique will design and present logo concepts that not only represent your brand strategy, but stand the test of time.

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Corporate logos, products logos, event logos, internal logos, community logos.

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