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An innovative graphic design company functions as a bridge between a prospective customer and your business. Until a person decides to engage with your organization design is their only reference point – at this point it’s all they see, all they know, and all they have to relate to. This makes graphic design very important to the branding process. Mystique Brand Communications, a graphic design company based in Toronto understands this.

The primary responsibility of our graphic designers is to translate your brand concept into a desired communicative look and feel – be that a lifestyle, an opinion, a culture, an attitude, or all of these things together. Our team of graphic designers, in both Toronto and London, Ontario understand that they must effectively translate your core brand concept graphically into a message that will be easily understood and accepted by your target audience.

Recognize that for an individual, brands are a perception. Visual elements of a brand such as logo, colour, typography, taglines, graphic imagery and packaging are all triggers for these perceptions.

Loyalty to a brand stems from a solid graphic visual style and language consistently implemented across all marketing materials. Consistency with a brand leads to a comfort zone for the consumer. Through familiarity of the brand and the values embodied in its visual identity, as well as delivery on these perceptions, trust will grow in the brand.

Does your brand reflect the outstanding company you want to be – or already are? Does your logo look dated? Are your communication pieces consistent with your website? Is your website converting visitors into profitable customers? If you’re uncertain – or believe your image is less-than-stellar – it may be time to overhaul your brand.

At Mystique Brand Communications, we help build dynamic brands and compelling user experiences that optimize communication and conversion through innovative graphic design in Toronto.

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Mystique’s services include:

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