Social media — when used strategically
over time — is arguably the most powerful
form of marketing the world has ever seen.

Social Media Marketing Toronto

Everyone understands traditional word-of-mouth marketing. People buy from people. Whether it’s about simple things such as which brand of cough remedy to buy, or bigger decisions such as who to consult with when buying a mortgage, we’ve always taken into account the opinions of those with experience or knowledge of a product, service, or for that matter, a business, in order to get the information we need to make an educated decision.

Today – with so many people utilizing social media to have conversations – social media marketing has become a powerful “word of mouth” channel. According to a Nielsen’s report on Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages, a whopping 92% of the world’s population trust recommendations of other people regarding products and services, while only 47% trust ads on TV, magazines, and billboards. In today’s marketplace, brands need to go back to making people talk about them instead of talking at people.

At every stage of the customer life-cycle, online video and social media can help integrate paid, owned, and earned media more closely to increase impact and ROI.

Even B2B buyers are using social media during the buying process; meaning that your SEO strategy and your efforts to publish content on blogs, industry press sites, and online communities are all integral parts of your content marketing strategy.

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