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Marketing for Small Business

While it’s true that small businesses of any and all kinds are essential to creating a wholesome, solid economic base, due to a shortage of human resources, many had to shut down.

Although the definition of ‘essential’, when it came to prioritizing which businesses will stay open while the lockdown prevailed, was up the to province administration, the ones common to most areas were grocery stores, healthcare institutes and pharmacy, city maintenance services, banks and commercial transportation, along with a few others. This led to many businesses reevaluating their revenue model, which is something that can tremendously help your business as well. A reevaluation does not have to be drastic —  it can centre around minor tweaks that help your business stay afloat for the time being.

We’ve outlined some steps you can follow to position your business as an essential for your existing and prospective customers.

  • Understand how your product/service fits into the pandemic lifestyle.

Although people are now spending most of their time at home, their consumption habits have changed. That doesn’t mean that they’ve let go of the product or service you offer, but that they’re not going to opt for the usual way, characterized by human contact and interaction, to obtain it. 

Researching how the new normal is impacting the way people purchase your product or service will give you useful insights into reshaping your offerings. They may not be buying the specific product/service, but they’re still looking for the solution you offer — focus on selling that.

  • Alter the product and service accordingly.

If it’s products you’re focusing on, look into setting up an all-digital shop using Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, or even an independent website. Selling online does come with a lot of logistical planning, but it’s an investment that you can reap the benefits of even after the pandemic is over. 

If your business offers services, look into how you can work them around to create contact-less experiences.

  • Digital marketing can work wonders — it’s high time you invest in it.

To bring your offering into the limelight, turn to digital marketing — PPC, email marketing, <style=”font-size: 16px;”>website— some of the most effective ways to generate new leads and increase traffic to your website.

Create and publish content that’s informative for customers and builds trust. More and more people are turning to online reviews, especially now, to know whether buying from a business is worth it.

  • Automate the works so you can focus on what sets you apart.

Marketing automation can do a lot more than just automating your digital marketing efforts — it optimizes your entire sales funnel to increase its effectiveness. Moreover, with your online marketing activities taken care of, you can focus on creating campaignsthat highlight the uniqueness of your business. 

Mystique offers custom, scalable solutions for small and medium businesses. The analytics services we offer will help you discover the tactics that work for you and let go of the ineffective ones — making the most of your investment.

  •  Invest in long-term customer relations.

When it comes to small businesses, each and every customer counts. Plus, focusing on customer retention is a more rewarding investment than scouting for new ones.

Choose the processes that suit your business the best — whether its email, social media engagement, or a unique mix of these, and focus on strengthening your business’ relationship with your prized customers. This will not only help you understand their perception of the business and any hurdles that might interrupt the customer’s journey with your business, but also increase top-of-the-mind retention that’s extremely helpful for organic growth. 

Now’s a good time to fine-tune the nuances of what you offer and understand what it is that your target audience is expecting from you.

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