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Videos are one of the most intimate mediums of communication — they’re interactive, immersive and, if done right, memorable.

So much so that most of us can still recall our favourite TV ads from our childhood, and yet, we can’t say the same for print ads from the same time.

Although communication via video has changed a lot, with new formats and platforms coming up every day — it’s essence remains the same, giving video advertising its unique quality. Here are some of the reasons why you should initiate or invest further in your video advertising strategy.

• Video-based Content Is In Great Demand

With the estimation that consumers will spend more than 100 minutes per day watching online videos by 2021 and that by 2022, 82% of online traffic will come from video streaming and downloads, it’s clear that video marketing is here to stay.

• Video Marketing is Effective

Moreover, around 92% of marketers say that video is an integral part of their marketing strategy and 88% are satisfied with the ROI of their video advertising initiatives proving the demand and effectiveness of the medium.

It’s pretty clear why videos demands more attention from viewers and holds it for a longer period of time as compared to written content and imagery.

• B2B Video Marketing is Gaining Popularity

Contrary to popular belief, B2B business is also being driven by video now, with 41% of B2B marketers interested in knowing how videos can contribute to their marketing and sales strategies.

• Videos Impact Decision Making

8 out of 10 people have ended up interacting with a business they’ve liked a video of.

Apart from that, 54% of users wish to see videos from the business they deal with or are interested in —giving you a significant medium to influence how they make their buying decisions and if they prefer your brand in that process.

Videos are versatile—given that they can be informative, educational, entertaining and pretty much anything else you want them to be when you tailor-make them for your audience as a part of a broader marketing strategy.

Are you ready to raise brand awareness?

Explore how your business can communicate more effectively by adding video to the mix. Convert and retain customers, maximize audience, and measure success. 


Snigdha Singh

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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