Direct Mail

It seems as though many marketers and clients look at direct mail as a thing of the past. Something that belongs with VCRs, flip phones, and floppy disks. However, unlike these relatively obsolete items, direct mail has evolved with technology and has many advantages associated with it.

When you think of your email inbox, it’s not a question of if but rather how many unread emails you have. Personal, business, and unsolicited emails get merged together in one huge and disorganized pile. Often people don’t have a chance to sort their emails let alone read them.

That’s where direct mail has the first advantage. People don’t receive as much mail as before and they generally have a chance to at least skim through what they do get. Most people also open their mailboxes and sort through their mail as soon as it gets delivered. Unlike email, personalized direct mail has a better chance of getting read because people actually take their time to open their mail. Immediately that’s a huge advantage for marketers.

Fewer competitors is also a huge advantage. Think about it. This means your message is less likely to get lost in the sea of messages. Via email, your recipients can also become more distracted when reading through your content. The buzz of Facebook notifications, switching to a Twitter feed – your email even if opened may only be read distractedly amongst other things. Opening physical mail means taking a moment out of your day, getting out a letter opener, and reading through what you got.

Direct mail also has a more trustworthy reputation as a result of its tangibility. To put it simply, there are no hidden viruses inside an envelope. On the other hand, the only information your intended reader can use to judge whether to open up your email or not, is the subject line. However, with increasing safety concerns, sometimes even some of the best precautions cannot save your email from looking like spam, getting ignored, or being deleted without getting read.

People also generally like getting mail. Direct mail appeals to many demographics. Older people prefer the familiarity of traditional mail delivery. And young, under 30, consumers appreciate the novelty of receiving mail.

Direct mail is great for implementing a personalization strategy. You have the chance to address your audience by name – it doesn’t get more personal than a first name basis. You also have the chance to include unique elements that are simply lost or unappreciated in email. Things like coloured or scented paper, brochures, and even small branded objects like pens, stickers, or buttons. These spark interest in consumers and allow your company to stand out.

And finally… direct mail marketing integrates well with other strategies such as social media, websites, PR, and promotions. You can, for instance, use mail to direct recipients to your social media platforms. It can have great ROI with relatively low production and discounted mass mailing costs. It is highly targeted, measurable, individualized and flexible. You can spend as much you need since you choose how many letters you want to send out. Direct mail is a great complement to digital campaigns.

So the next time you’re revisiting your marketing strategy, take a moment to explore how direct mail might boost the return on your marketing investment.

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Michelle Levandovsky

Michelle Levandovsky
Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Mystique Brand Communications

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