B2C Marketing Automation

Marketing automation generates more leads, drives sales and proves ROI. It will help optimize each phase of your marketing funnel. At the top, you will capture more leads with VisitorID (B2B) and dynamic forms. In the middle, lead tracking, lead scoring and sales notifications will enable sales teams to close more deals. At the bottom, closed deals (won and lost) are analyzed to eliminate waste and identify successful tactics – allowing you to drive more leads with the same marketing dollars.

Keep in mind – Marketing Automation isn’t for everyone.

If your businesses is in startup mode or early growth stages you may not be generating enough leads to warrant a comprehensive marketing automation system. At this stage you’re likely better off focusing on lead generation (SEO, DirectMail, etc) and using a simple email marketing platform that allows for basic automation.

However, if you’ve got the leads coming in, then marketing automation can be a powerful tool to help nurture those leads and convert them into customers – taking your business to new heights while delivering significant returns on your marketing investment.


rene tan
Rene Tan
Graphic Designer
Mystique Brand Communications

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