We’re currently accepting applications for graphic design interns.

Graphic Design Internship: Toronto

If you need an Internship to graduate the Graphic Design program you’re enrolled in, or you simply want the experience to give you a leg up with prospective employees; you’ve come to the right place.

Duration: 12 weeks – 16 weeks
Hours: Minimum of 25 hours per week (Flexible hours)
Renumeration: The position is unpaid in return for an educational experience. However we will pay for TTC Metropass or equivalent value toward gas (free parking here).


• Should bring your own laptop as we can not guarantee an additional workstation will be available every day
• Portfolio demonstrating outstanding graphic design skills; both print and web
• Good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign & Acrobat
• Superior writing skills are an asset
• Willingness to take direction and openly communicate
• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
• Good interpersonal communication skills
• Good problem-solving and analytical skills
• Strong attention to detail
• Knowledge of WordPress is an asset
• Knowledge of SEO best practices an asset
• Knowledge of Social Media best practices preferred

Possible Duties:

• Prepare art for print using Adobe Creative Suite
• Work on design of communication projects
• Use leading web tools to research keywords for PPC campaigns
• Content Development
• Work with account managers to implement SEO strategies
• Work with account managers to create, implement, and manage social media marketing campaigns
• Website Development
• Backup and Archive projects

To Apply:
Please include: Cover letter (written directly in your email), c.v. or Linkedin, and link to online portfolio.
Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

5 things you’ll gain from this graphic design internship

1. Real world experience
Gain experience in a fast-paced studio with real deadlines which can change mid project. This graphic design internship will give you a much better idea of how a design project comes to life, and how to deal with the hiccups along the way. The continued coaching from experienced design professionals will help develop confidence so you’ll be more comfortable presenting your ideas.

2. Exposure to new skills
The graphic design industry is constantly evolving with new techniques, trends, and technologies emerging every year. This means there’s a good chance you’ll have to acquire some skills that weren’t covered in your college curriculum. This exposure could help you discover the specialization you’re destined for.

3. Validation in your career choice
As much as you may love the creative aspects of graphic design, there’s no better teacher than experience to tell you if this career choice is something you really love. A design internship gives you a great chance for you to test your abilities as well as giving you exposure to the things nobody tells you about being a professional graphic designer.

4. Increased employability
There’s always the possibility that we will need additional staff by the time the internship is over. But even if we’re not…completing our internship is a tried-and-true way to boost your resume to catch the eye of other potential employers. Like us, they want proof that you know your stuff and can function in their environment. Internship experience, along with a recommendation letter, is one of the best ways to give potential employers that proof.

5. Higher Earning Potential
More experience can also translate into higher earning potential. Having real experience plus a professionally-vetted portfolio of published work at graduation can give you an upper hand when negotiating compensation for your first professional design position.

To Apply:
Please include: Cover letter (written directly in your email), c.v. or Linkedin, and link to online portfolio.
Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

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I really enjoyed the experience at Mystique Brand Communications. It was fast paced which was a little tough to get used to but it gave me real life experience on a wide variety of projects; logo design, website design (complete build from scratch using WordPress), infographics (including research), 404 pages, print design etc.

The people at Mystique are great teachers; patient and helpful. They took the time to explain me their process and what clients look for.  On a logo design project; When my first 5 concepts weren’t what they were after, they gave constructive criticism for each concept and asked me to start again. And that’s when I believe you really learn.

The culture at the office was serious but there was also time to talk about the weekend, sports and other fun stuff.
They also went above and beyond; helping me find an apartment in Toronto and other practical things before I arrived.

Simon Laustsen

Working at Mystique was a great opportunity to get some hands-on business experience between my first and second year. It was very insightful to have one-on-one mentoring with such a close knit team. I was able to have my own clients and learn about various digital marketing strategies, blogging, and advance my skills in Excel and CRM management. Beyond the technical skills, I was also able to learn about how my academic skills can apply in a work setting, manage my time with simultaneous projects and develop a greater understanding of marketing techniques.

Being able to say that I now have published blog articles and experience with technical programs is a huge asset for me moving forward in the world of business. Mystique was unique in their small team which allowed me to develop meaningful connections with everyone in the office. I would highly recommend this internship to those interested in design and brand development.

Kind regards,
Michelle Levandovsky

When I first began my internship at Mystique Brand Communications, my experience with marketing in general was quite limited as I came here with a background that was mostly in film production. But the team here at Mystique offered to teach all that I can learn about this field as well as offering the chance to develop my film-making skills. I was put in charge of developing blog posts for the company and its’ various clients which in turn really helped me gain valuable writing experience. I also managed a number of Social Media platforms for Mystique. Their confidence in me, allowed myself to grow considerably in a variety of areas but most importantly, I finished this internship with a great all-around skill set. Therefore, I recommend Mystique Brand Communications for anyone who is searching for a real-hands on approach for learning about marketing and media.

Baris Ozmorali



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