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Geoscape Contracting

In order to win more large-scale project contracts, Geoscape Contracting engaged Mystique to help them rebrand. While they already had a good name they felt their image was stale and could benefit from a professional make-over.

Mystique created a tagline to work with the visual Identity…‘Developing Common Ground.’ The double entendre worked well as they often worked on common areas, such as ponds and parks, for new community developments. In addition it suggests a framework to help facilitate an authentic partnership approach where members could engage in dialogue, get to know each other, develop trust and establish a common ground for working together.

In addition to revamping their visual identity, Geoscape enlisted Mystique’s help to generate more leads through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They had already been using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns but found the return to be less than desired. After a year of ongoing optimization, Geoscape was enjoying a very high return on investment.

Now that Geoscape is growing so quickly, Mystique is helping with an Employee Attraction Strategy to help recruit quality talent. This includes online and offline components including an Employee recruitment video.


graphic design toronto
geoscape contracting
graphic design toronto
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graphic design toronto
graphic design toronto
geoscape contracting

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From our logo to our website the team at Mystique has completely transformed our image. And their search engine optimization efforts have resulted in ongoing leads! Mystique offers great service, support, advice, and results, all at a fair price. 

Sean Ciampagila

General Manager, Geoscape Contracting



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