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Finding the perfect font or typeface can be the difference between ‘success’ and ‘fail’ in portraying the right mood in your graphic design project. But finding a font that fits your client’s budget can make it a daunting task – especially when the font budget is zero.

To help you in your quest I have compiled my Top 12 List of Free Font Sites. Rest assured that one of the sites in this free font directory will have a font that’s suitable for your next design regardless of the style you’re looking for. Although all of these sites do have free downloadable fonts, please be aware that some are available for personal use only. There may be a charge to download fonts for commercial purposes.
da font1) Dafont
Dafont is one of the best sites to find the font that suits your needs, thanks to the huge archive of freely downloadable fonts. With an easy to use interface, Dafont is available for both Mac and PC users.


fontspace2) Font Space 
A collection of over 20,000 fonts uploaded by users, leaves you with plenty of options. The efficiency of this site allows you to browse through fonts of any category, preview multiple fonts at once, and download them in just a few seconds.

fontsquirrel3) Font Squirrel 
In addition to the fact that these fonts are 100% free for commercial use – Font Squirrel makes it easy to embed web fonts. The @font-face kits include fonts in HTML and CSS code, so once you download it you can place it into your markup and view it easily.

1001freefonts4) 1001 Free Fonts
Despite the deceiving name, 1001 Free Fonts has far more than 1,001 free fonts available for both Windows and Mac users.

fontpalace5) Font Palace
Font Palace is another easy-to-navigate site, and contains numerous categories. Also available for Mac and PC, I would highly recommend this completely free font site.

fonts2u6) Fonts 2U
Thousands of more free fonts can be found on this website. I like how you can preview text on multiple fonts at once. Sites with this feature make it much easier to decide on the perfect font.

fontzone7) Font Zone
This archive of over 50,000 freely downloadable fonts, allows users to upload fonts as well.

urbanfonts8) Urban Fonts
I personally enjoy the functional layout of this site. It perhaps does not have as many categories as some of the previously mentioned websites, but the quality of fonts available makes it worth taking a look at. In addition, there is a wide selection of Premium Fonts that are available for purchase.

searchfreefonts9) Search Free Fonts
Over 13,000 free fonts are on this site. A huge library with unique categories, make this site worth your while. All you have to do is click the ‘download’ button.

acidfonts10) Acid Fonts
Easy to use, and easy to download. This website’s simplicity, and extensive archive are the reasons why I added it to this list.

11) Fontennium
I like this font site because of the unique theme. fontenniumFontennium is a collection of fonts down through the centuries, making it suitable for anyone looking for fonts from a specific era.


12) FontStruct
Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Perhaps you fontstructwould be interested in creating your own font with FontStruct. FontStruct is an easy way to design and share fonts for free. Not only can you design your own fonts, but you can download free fonts that are created by other designers as well. Keep in mind that the font creation app runs in Flash, so any flash enabled browser should work.




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