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Are you a Toronto based business looking to grow?  Are you convinced that search engine optimization (SEO) will help you achieve your growth objectives? Chances are you found this article while searching for SEO agencies in Toronto with that hope. Which proves SEO does, in fact, generate targeted traffic. However, while a Toronto SEO agency can improve rankings … an SEO strategy is only part of the puzzle.

It takes more than traditional SEO strategy to grow your business.

Most Toronto SEO Agencies promise to generate a crazy amount of business for you simply by getting you to the top of the search engine result pages (SERP). But the truth is, if all the Toronto agency can offer you is search engine optimization, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be happy with your return on investment.

The purpose of SEO is to generate targeted traffic to your website. Consider this …  less than 3 percent of website visitors fill out a form. That means 97% of the traffic generated from your lead generation efforts can be considered wasteful. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Add Marketing Automation into the mix.

This is when things get real interesting. A marketing automation system will provide your business with website tracking options that you simply can’t get with traditional analytics software. One standout benefit of our Marketing Automation platform is VisitorID; which has the ability to identify many of the “anonymous” B2B visitors, inform your sales people what they are interested in and provide contact information such as email and phone numbers. This data yields true value from your website traffic; like helping you distinguish serious leads from college kids researching your company for an upcoming paper (probably happens more than you think).

To put the above example in context, your visit today is probably a result of our SEO efforts. However, now that you’re here our marketing automation system is tracking you (queue the scary music); letting me know what topics interest you, and the length of time you were engaged. And if you’re accessing the site from your office’s IP address, chances are that we’ve identified the name of your business. In fact, our marketing automation system typically provides a list of possible contacts within your company that I can add as leads. Furthermore, our software continues to track you each time you return to our site; recording what pages you visit (which identifies which products or services you’re interested in), what content you download, which videos you watch, and more. And should you find enough value in the information we’re offering that you’re wiling to leave us your contact information, we may also be able to link to your social media channels. All of this gives us the opportunity to target our messaging to you based on very specific criteria. Which in turns increases our chances of nurturing a relationship with you; and our chances of converting you into a client.

Drive business and optimize SEO marketing ROI

So, if you’re running organic search campaigns but you’re not tracking the return, how do you know if you’re really making money… or losing it. With marketing automation measuring the ROI of every lead is easy, no matter which campaign they came from. SharpSpring, the marketing automation platform we use, provides the metrics and customized reports you need to make educated marketing decisions. And understanding end-to-end conversion costs and revenues enables you to demonstrate to management how your SEO efforts affect your company’s bottom line.

Grow your Toronto based business with an integrated Brand Communications company.

Create exciting opportunities for your business by combining your SEO strategy with Marketing Automation and exploit operational synergies to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects. But keep in mind that a holistic marketing approach that incorporates, rather than obsesses over SEO is essential for sustainable business development. Working with a dedicated Brand Communications company will help ensure that each touchpoint with your customers, and prospects alike, will be on point and consistent over all channels.

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