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A lot of tools for Twitter users have been created to fix holes in Twitter’s functionality – here’s some to try out…

Slipstre.am is a plug-in for Chrome that allows you to hide certain status updates on Twitter. For example, if like me you think Foursquare-based tweets are irrelevant, then simply add ‘Foursquare’ and / or ‘4sq.com’ as a term. You can also mute specific users.
If you’re just looking for a simple tool that mutes a Twitter user then here it is.
A scheduling tool for Twitter. Rather than sharing lots of content in a short space of time, you can click the Buffer bookmarklet to add it to your tweeting schedule. Tweets will then be staggered. You can plug in your Bit.ly account to use a custom domain and monitor analytics. Try Buffer.

A tool for creating a ‘tweetwall’. Choose hashtags, keywords or users and Tweetwally will display them on a dedicated web page. You can embed tweetwall onto your own website.

Source: econsultancy.com

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