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As a start-up, choosing a company name can make a huge impact on the long term success of your business. A strong and timeless name sets a company up to be a powerful force in marketing, advertising and building a brand as a whole. A name encompasses the essence of a company and crystallizes it into a handful of words, and nowadays with dwindling attention spans – the fewer words the better.

However, it is these one or two words which make up your name that are also going to be printed over and over again. On your website, in all of your advertising and promotional materials, even in your office. These are the same words that are going to be coming up countless times in conversation. So, you could say that naming your business is a pretty big commitment that should not be chosen on a whim.

If you can, make your name have that one little memorable spark that can start a conversation – it can make the difference on whether or not your sale closes. It can be something as simple as the recent non-com trend. Businesses are trying to work around the problem of limited domain names by using unique suffixes like .Camp or .coffee rather than being forced to stick with the common .com. These original suffixes also solve the problem of having a long and wordy URL (e.g. MarkthePlumber.com vs mark.plumber).

Your name is the face of your business. It is both the first impression and a summary of your business as a whole. Choose a timeless and strong name for a powerful and enduring company from the start.

After covering the importance of name, this series will be rounded off by getting into the specifics of strategies for a picking a name for your small business.

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Michelle Levandovsky

Michelle Levandovsky
Social Media Marketing Coordinator
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