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I have no idea how the Kardashians became famous other than they brilliantly use social media to the fullest. From Kim Kardashian’s marriage life to her airing her naked posterior to the world using Instagram and Twitter – I’m sure everyone gets the feeling she wants to be noticed. And so it goes! It’s working. (Photo source: Jean-Paul Goude for Paper)

In the US social justice advocates used social media to publish the latest police killings of African Americans which amounted to mass human rights rallies across the world.

The Hong Kong riots also garnered a lot of global response in favour of a more democratic stance at choosing the leadership of the island.

University frosh week peppers the student social networks with instant chatter about the daily frosh events. Students know exactly when and where an event is going to happen, who is going, and how to get there. With so many activities happening at once, they are also capable of choosing the event to attend based on peer choices.

We’ve talked about this before.
The wave of smartphone technology and social media apps has propelled the global community into a mass network of instant communicators. I see my kids (in their early twenties) being constantly updated via Twitter, Instagram and instant messaging. They have the world in the palm of their hands and the power to change it (as mentioned above).

What does this mean to marketers?
Social networking is the top online activity in the US. 3 out of 5 small to medium businesses say they gained new customers via social media. 83% of B2B marketers used social media to increase brand exposure. 69% use it for increasing web traffic and 65% to gain market insights. Big companies like Ford are touting the latest Focus RS. Best Buy is promoting the latest Ninja Turtles blu-ray disc. What are you doing to promote your business and products?

It’s time to get out from under that rock and start communicating with your customers and prospects. Word-of-mouth travels a lot faster and to a wider audience with social media.

Monitoring the “Twitterverse” in London, Ontario, one can see that the city business folk are promoting “shop local”. Small retail businesses help eachother to build their clientele. Business development groups see that there is a huge potential to communicate with these companies and in turn offer entrepreneurship and business leadership seminars and events. Local restaurants and events are constantly cross-promoted via retweets and special offers. This collaboration works.

When you see people in public with their eyes glued to their smartphones, chances are they are being updated via social media. If you want more information about how social media can help your business, contact us today.

Frank Beecham
Frank Beecham
Mystique Brand Communications