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Imagine an electric car that is fueled by SOCIAL MEDIA.
The amount of energy that we put into social media must have a greater purpose! Now, because of an organization called MINDDRIVE, there is.

MINDDRIVE serves students in Kansas City with an aim to change education, and expand their future. The organization focuses on “at-risk” students who are struggling in some way with the traditional educational system. Students apply for a hands-on learning experience that will not only change their views on education, but truly inspire them, impacting their future enormously. Together, alongside their mentors, the students have built an electric car…fueled by social media! When the public tweets, posts, shares, or likes any social media content related to the MINDDRIVE project, watts of energy are produced for the car to drive from Kansas City to Washington D.C. Who would have thought that our excessive use of social media could be put towards such a unique and remarkable cause like this.

Support #minddrive by following, liking, and sharing all of their social media!

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Nikita Kataria
Nikita Kataria
Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Mystique Brand Communications

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