As of May 2017, Facebook is closing in on almost 2 billion active users! Obviously, this is a huge advertising platform. Whether it’s an ad that pops up on someone’s news feed or on the right side column, these can be very effective. Therefore, when you’re spending the time and money to develop these ads make sure you incorporate these tips listed below in order to maximize their potential.

Use Colour Contrasting Visuals

The central image of the ad is the first step to catch the user’s attention. When people are scrolling down their feeds, they usually skim through it so fast that your ad gets a very narrow window to show itself. That’s where an extremely effective method that goes by the name of colour contrast comes into play. Karola Karson from AdExpresso explains that using a high level of contrasting colours and bold fonts will help your ad stand out from the rest.


You can see that Google has produced a great ad here utilizing a fantastic blend of primary colours. The overall blue background will instantly catch the attention of the viewer amidst the prominent white space found on Facebook’s news feed. This is a good example to build upon when creating your advertisement.

Include a Call-To-Action and Value Proposition

While the visuals are crucial for the success of your ad, you need a call-to-action to tell people exactly what you want them to do, such as Buy, or Click. If your company doesn’t have brand recognition you’ll need to tell people why your business, or your product or service, is special and how it differs from your competitors…in one sentence.


In this example, Tortuga Music Festival does a great job of highlighting what they offer by advertising the artists and then giving the user a sense of urgency by telling them that “Time is Running Out”. The buy icon on the bottom right corner is smartly positioned to catch the reader’s attention as well. All these elements come together with the photo to form an enticing ad.

Take advantage of the Holidays

With Father’s Day coming up, this is the perfect time to start planning dad-centric Facebook posts. Taking advantage of opportunities like this will show users your creativity and more importantly your company’s human side. Packaging an ad with holiday themed deals will certainly raise interest for your business and encourage people to click. So keep a close eye on your calendar.

If you want to continue this conversation on how to create an effective ad campaign for Facebook, head on over to our Brand Review page and we would be happy to help you out.


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