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While the number of companies who use Flash on their websites have significantly decreased in the last decade, we still see flash-heavy websites in use. Understand that if you are still utilizing a flash-heavy website that you are limiting your website traffic.

It’s no secret that Flash provides you the opportunity to develop eye-catching visuals for your website, but nowadays people care more about a smoother user experience (UX) than aesthetic design and your business must cater towards that. If your website design does feature Flash, it’s time to explore other options (HTML5) as you need as much traffic as you can from the search engines if you’re interested in growing your business.

Flash Websites Lowers Your SEO Rankings

It’s really tough to optimize a flash-heavy site for the search engines. When web crawlers scour the internet they go on websites aiming to read keywords, not images. Therefore, it’s important for your website to emphasize text rather than graphics as search engines don’t care about graphics or animations.

Flash Limits Your Web-Page Speed

Flash-based websites typically need more time to load because of all the visuals compared to websites that don’t use it. And a slow-loading website pretty much guarantees a bad user experience. It will certainly cause potential customers to leave and check out your competitors. And if that’s not bad enough, search engines like Google will actually penalize your site for this and your online reputation will take a hit as a result.

Flash Gives Users a Problematic Mobile Experience

There is a high probability that the flash content on your mobile version of your website will not operate that well and cause frustration for users. All your graphics have the potential to stop working and just appear as still images. Since almost everyone uses smart phones and tablets, it would better if you just skip using them all together.

Flash Websites Might Cause Severe Security Problems

It’s well known for a fact that using Flash for your web design can lead a number of security issues. Many hackers use bugs found in this software to collect data from users. This was the reason why Mozilla blocked it and this might lead to other Internet browsers following suit.

If you any questions about web design and would like some assistance for your business, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to help you.


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