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Your business needs a website redesign

What are the benefits of a website redesign for your business, why you need it, and what you should consider?


The first touchpoint a potential customer has with your business, more often than not, is your business website. This means your website has the potential to be one of the most valuable assets that your company owns. Unfortunately for many, it is far from the case.

In the fast-evolving digital age, business sites can become outdated on multiple fronts. But your site must reflect your true brand, from the appearance and performance to the content. Here are a few things to consider when you decide to upgrade your website and spruce up your online presence.

How often do you need to revamp your business website?

Typically, the lifespan of a website is three to five years. Design, functionality, SEO, and even content tend to get outdated or even obsolete in this time frame. Obviously, if you have made changes to your products, services, or your brand identity, your web presence must be updated to reflect that.


Professional design for your revamped business website

The design of your business website is about so much more than just aesthetics. Yes, your site should appear well put together, appealing, and cohesive with your brand identity but design covers both form, and function. A well-designed business website will look sharp, run smoothly, and will be intuitive and easy to navigate through.

Consider also, the aim of the website, is it only to anchor your brand presence online? Are you sharing information about your products and services? Are you also selling your offerings online? All of these factors will influence the design decisions you take while revamping your website.


Rank your new business website high on search results with relevant content

These days, with knowledge and information rapidly evolving and developing, your website content can quickly become irrelevant, out-of-date, or worse, inaccurate.

Another thing to consider when it comes to your business website content is the SEO tactics employed. SEO requirements from the major search engines keep evolving too, and it’s important to ensure that your website content meets these ranking criteria.

When the content and messaging on your business website no longer conveys your services and offerings accurately, it’s time for an update.


How well will your redesigned business website perform?

When it comes to the performance of your website, there are a few things to consider. Besides the obvious compatibility of your website with a range of browsers and devices, you need to make sure your website’s security, load times, and user experience are optimized too.

Close to half of worldwide web traffic is now on a mobile device. If your revamped business website is not optimized for mobile visits, with quicker load times, easy navigation, and responsive design, you might lose out on potential customers who find your site difficult to use on their phones or tablets.

Your business website should have security measures built-in by design, including secure hosting and an SSL certificate. This will keep your website and your customers safe from malicious attacks, and also improve your search rankings.


Redesign your business website with your audience in mind

It might seem like a given, but it’s surprising how many website projects are started (and completed) without thinking about who will be using your business website.

Instead of thinking of your audience as a group of people, it helps to create audience personas — hypothetical individual profiles that represent your customer base, with their own, name, gender, age, occupation, and other characteristics, that will help understand their goals, pain points and considerations.

Think about how Joe CEO might have different needs, goals, and problems from Manager Mike. By first defining their needs, your business website will be in a better position to help them. Understanding them will help you figure out how they prefer to communicate, how they might navigate through your website while looking for information, and what calls to action they would respond to on your website.


Boost your online brand presence with a business website redesign.

A website revamp is a big step, to help your digital presence represent you in the best way possible.

We invite you to schedule a 15-minute conversation with us to understand how you can help your business do more, with an up-to-date website.

We’ll learn more about your business, and guarantee you’ll walk away with some great tips on how to maximize the return on investment of time and money you will put into your website redesign.

Pick a time that works for you.

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Schedule time to review your current situation with us and discuss possible ways to optimize your brand experience to overcome your business challenges and reach your goals. Even if you choose not to use us, you’ll walk away with some great ideas to implement in your business today.