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5 Keys to Developing a Great Elevator Pitch

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If you’re responsible for sales in any capacity your elevator pitch can be a powerful selling tool that you can use in any situation.

Think about how many times have you’ve been asked, “what do you do for a living?” And without doubt the question will continue. By developing a good elevator pitch you’ll always know the right thing to say.

5 Keys to developing a great elevator pitch:

  1. Make it Short and Sweet: A good pitch should last between 20 and 30 seconds – similar in length of an elevator ride.
  2. Keep it Simple and Direct: Say what your business does while providing insight into its vision, purpose and personality. Keep in mind that your elevator pitch should be an expression of your brand strategy. This means that most of the hard work goes into the thinking behind the pitch rather than the pitch itself. Once your brand strategy is in place, the elevator pitch itself should be relatively easy to perfect.
  3. Make it Conversational: it’s not a sales pitch. You want to engage the person you’re talking to; inspire them to develop a relationship. Avoid using complicated language. Be simple and direct without corporate jargon or industry lingo. And you don’t need to repeat the pitch word for word. As long as you understand the thinking behind it you should be able to tailor it to any situation.
  4. Be Fresh and Relevant: Because your pitch should reflect your brand strategy it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. It needs to sound fresh and relevant so be sure to cover new developments or ideas.
  5. Practice it: Your elevator pitch needs to sound natural, not rehearsed. So take time and practice it aloud. Monitor your body language. Avoid crossing your arms, fidgeting, and using distracting hand gestures. The goal is to look as confident as you sound.


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