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My kids have never known a world without the Internet. We live in a world that integrates our lives with the Internet, and it’s now an acceptable part of our lifestyle.

How did it happen so fast?

Social Media for one! Those who once called themselves ‘computer-illiterate’ are Tweeting and Facebooking like fiends. With the ease of use, social media is now able to harness not just the youth but the fastest growing demographic – the 55-65 year olds. Especially the females who now know how easy it is to use a computer and aren’t afraid to use it to the nth degree! Funny thing is, social media is a term which is extremely young. Go figure!

Smartphones also have pushed the boundaries of the new digital revolution. We have them with us all the time. Broadband wireless, once the denizen of the IT department or the home office – sits inside an iPhone or Blackberry. Now we can shop anywhere, anytime. We can communicate with the world whenever we want to. I bought wrist-watches for my kids this Christmas – wrong move. They have phones or iPads which can tell the time for them. Throw out that old alarm clock too. Who needs one anyway. A vibrate here, a favourite song there.

The way we search on the Internet has also evolved. Google, Yahoo and Bing now give us instant searching based on our trends and our locations. Google Maps show us where to go. Integrate these with social media and smartphones, and you suddenly realize that your digital immersion is now not a luxury, but a necessity.

Online advertising is pushing ‘normal’ media out of the way. For the business owner, it’s time to get on the global social media bandwagon and keep afloat amid a sea of competitors who are scrambling to keep up with you. As real-time speeds of communications and analytical tracking are evolving, it’s no longer important to have just a website or blog. Now it’s an absolute necessity.

By targeting your prospects through the use of social media techniques integrated with your online presence, lead generation has more meaning to the growth of your business.

Frank Beecham
Mystique Brand Communications

frank beecham