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Google doesn’t just love content, it loves ‘new’ content. The more we add web sites to search engines, the more changes are seen in keyword density parameters. Yahoo and other search engines are also affected by this. Google’s new LSI algorithm (Latent Semantic Indexing) is the latest shake-up in optimizing a web site for better rankings.

In the old days, it was normal to stuff a page with keywords, but finding the best keyword density to satisfy all search engines was becoming increasingly difficult when it came to maintaining high rankings against the competition.

LSI now determines what a web page is about by assessing the theme of the page and how the words are associated with that theme. This means that when writing your theme naturally for a web page, it is important to keep the user’s experience in mind. This will have a much greater chance of ranking higher than previously so. For example a search term such as ‘venetian blinds’ manipulates the LSI to look for words and links pertaining to related topics like window coverings, home decorating, valances, renovations and window shade, etc.

Newer content is also important for sites that target additional keywords. Each time a new keyword is targeted, a new link to a new page will invariably affect rankings. Many web sites employ the use of blogs or new articles to create fresh content. This greatly adds to a site’s link building and ensures keyword rich content. Google loves the fact that most blogs write about different topics, opening up new keyword targets.

Keeping keywords in the beginning and end of an article proves that the article is relevant. Writing fresh content means that the site is offering the user with more pertinent information than the Google index crawlers have previously cached. This enables the site to maintain a higher ranking.

So make sure you write more than a welcome message on your home page. Google wants to see how you and your services can benefit the person searching for you. Content-rich web sites almost always rank high.


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