It had been quite a while since Doris and I took time to hike, so we jumped at the chance when Suha Jethalal of Bullfrog Power invited us join them for a hike on the Bruce Trail. This would give us a chance to spend some quality time together with Mother Nature, giving back while getting a bit of exercise and a mental health antidote in the process.


The trek began with a bus ride to Thirty Mile Creek (Grimsby). After applying insect repellant (in hind-sight, more was needed) our Bruce Trail leaders led us on a ~2km hike. We traversed the forest coming across the Mountainview Conservation Area, a passive natural area located in the Town of Lincoln, where we planted approximately 150 trees on behalf of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. When all of the trees were transplanted we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the forest with pleasant conversation among others in the group. After refueling our bodies we hiked back to the bus for the trip home – windows open, a breeze in our face, mindlessly scratching at the numerous black fly bites.


If you’re interested in exploring the Trail yourself… here’s a link to get you started. http://brucetrail.org/ (bring plenty of bug juice!)


paul bies

Paul Bies

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