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Want to know where and how traffic goes to your website? Well in brief, Google Analytics is a free service where when added to the pages of your site, you can learn a lot of information about visitors to your website, such as traffic that is referred, visitor loyalty and even the keywords used to get to your site.

To get Google Analytics to work on your site you need to sign up for a Google account where you can have Google Analytics generate tracking code which you add to your site’s pages.

From then on, you can follow visitor trends like visits: meaning the number of sessions or times visitors interact on your site; or bounces: meaning the number of visitors who instantly left; or page views: which include how many pages were requested in those visits and how many in each visit; you can even check how long each visitor spent on your site.

All in all, Google Analytics is more than just a web counter. By looking at the visitor trends to your website, you can target certain landing pages for maximum traffic. You can also alter the way visitors navigate to your site by changing keywords to direct them to you. You can also track certain blogs and email marketing tools as well. The more visits you get the more business you’ll garner.

Talk to your web specialist today about Google Analytics and watch those hits coming in. You can get some more information and tips by watching YouTube videos at the Google Analytics channel:


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