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Mystique Creative is proud to introduce and welcome our latest staff member, graphic designer Rene Tan, to the company and our clients. Rene graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design.

Rene brings a fresh and energetic approach to his work and has already contributed to a variety of brand development projects that include logo design, corporate collateral (stationary, business cards etc), print advertisements and online newsletters.

Rene adds significantly to Mystique’s creative abilities, both in online and offline design.

rene tan
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Rene Tan

Position: Graphic Designer
Born: Manila
Education: Ontario College of Art and Design
Likes: basketball, tennis, video games, art, design, photography, film
Dislikes: comic sans, movie musicals (yet I’m currently a fan of the show Glee) and when bread gets stuck to the roof of my mouth
Inspirations: Lewis Nicholson (my college professor), Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Rand, Demetri Martin

Please stop in and get acquainted with Rene.


paul bies
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Paul Bies
Mystique Brand Communications