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Website Check-up

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we find, share, shop, and connect. Ranking high on search engines is critical for lead generation.

Do you want to…

  • Generate more leads?
  • Increase sales?
  • Obtain low-cost market research?
  • Recruit talent, members, employees, subscribers or partners?
  • Reduce print, re-print and publishing costs?

A Website CheckUp makes good business sense

Find out how to turn your ailing site into a more effective marketing tool. Imagine the value of knowing if, or why, your site is under-performing, and how it might be improved. For example, a Website CheckUp may reveal that your site simply isn’t being found by the search engines. Or if it is being found – visitors leave quickly because they have difficulty finding what they need because of confusing navigation. Or, that your copy isn’t written in a web-friendly format.

This objective analysis will help you by pinpointing problem areas and recommending solutions. Instead of replacing your site, you may be able to revitalize it, saving the company time and money.

With current website best practices and usability studies in mind, we look at:

  • Overall design
  • Copy and content
  • Clarity of marketing message
  • Navigation / Usability
  • Site traffic
  • Site ranking by search engines
  • Application of keywords.

A digital marketing expert from Mystique will contact you with a few questions to better understand your website objectives. Within one week we will deliver a customized report – outlining results and providing recommendations based on your specific needs. The Website CheckUp also includes a follow-up phone consultation to answer your questions and discuss next steps.

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