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Not long after Forman Dental introduced a new partner into the practice, Mystique was engaged to improve their lead generation efforts. After a quick audit, analytics showed that they relied heavily on pay-per-click advertising. PPC is a useful strategy however, to lower their average cost per lead they would need to optimize their website. As their website was showing it’s age and getting virtually no traffic from the search engines the time was also right to explore rebranding the general dental practice.

Differentiation Starts with Research

Initial discovery conversations revealed that Dr. Ranu, the new partner, has a passion for holistic density. Studying the impact of modern diet and systemic diseases on oral health gave her a deep understanding of how our teeth and whole body are connected as an organic unit.

While Dr. Ranu is an advocate of natural dentistry and the effects on our overall health, did her patients care? The answer is yes! A survey was sent out to existing patients to attain a clear and deep understanding of their needs and opportunities related. When asked “Is Holistic Dental Care important to you?” 78.15% said it was, with 21.85% stating it was “Extremely Important”.

What’s in a Name?

The rebrand process included name review. Dr. Forman had invested years serving the Maple community in Vaughan and had developed a great reputation. Should we keep the name or use the rebrand to start fresh? After much deliberation, weighing the pros and cons, it was decided that the rebrand would include a change of name.

Anyone that’s been involved in a naming project for a dental practice in Ontario, understands that the RCDSO (Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario) doesn’t make this an easy process for general practices. Unlike naming any other company, the guidelines for a general practice say you can’t include descriptive terms about the practice, the practitioner, the equipment, materials, expected treatment results or any other aspect of dental practice. This means you can’t elude to a competitive advantage, or a point of differentiation. This means you have to be creative when trying to tie into a positioning strategy.

But in the end, a new name was introduced with a story built around helping patients achieve total body health.

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Sustained growth

With the new brand launched, in addition to patient engagement, our focus changed to patient lead generation.

This includes:
Google Adwords
Local Dental SEO
Within 4 months the new website was getting page one results for keyword phrases that are key to attracting desirable new patients.

Want to learn more?

We invite you to contact us to find out more details about rebranding, or creating a sustainable patient lead to revenue system your practice.

If a rebrand is what your business needs, creating a plan is Step One.

Use the Mystique Rebranding Checklist to plan for success.

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