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The increasing need for an online presence is something you’ve probably heard countless times. The recent pandemic, however, has accelerated the growth of this digital trend for businesses of every size.

With the various social distancing regulations and the quarantine measures that follow, people are turning to the internet not only for their shopping needs, but for movies, blogs, and fresh content to pass time in the house. Studies show that internet use has increased up to 70% as a result of the pandemic. Consumers are searching online now more than ever, meaning its prime time for you to increase your online presence as a small business.

Here are a few of many benefits that come with a stronger online presence.

Increases Accessibility

A company without an online presence is near non-existent in the modern business environment. The internet is an unrivalled source of data, and an excellent way to give your business the exposure it needs. Whether they’re specifically looking for your company, or simply a company within the industry, having a strong online presence will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed. An online presence enhances accessibility and garners a larger audience, giving prospective clients or consumers an effortless way to find information regarding your company at any time from any location. This means the perfect opportunity to showcase and market what you have to offer, from your latest products to your greatest achievements with just a few clicks.

Builds Customer Relationship and Trust

As a small business, it may seem that with COVID-19 present, building and maintaining a relationship with clients or potential consumers are becoming more exhausting and difficult. However, with websites, social media accounts, emails, etc. communicating with your customers has never been easier. The beauty of having an online platform is the ability to interact with your audience on a more personal level through reviews, comments, video communications, and feedback. You’ll be able to answer questions and respond to comments quickly and thoroughly. Any glowing reviews, acts of kindness, quirky jokes, or even positive responses to negative feedback will be on display to the public. Interacting with customers humanizes your company, and the transparency in relationship will increase the brand credibility that you need to attract more customers.

Online Marketing

The importance of digital marketing is no longer revolutionary knowledge, and it goes without saying that a company with strong online marketing will see great results. Online marketing is low cost, personalized, time effective, demographic targeted, among many other benefits. What many people overlook when thinking about digital marketing is the automated feedback and statistics that come with it. By diving into the digital realm, you will be able to track the online activity that comes with your actions. You’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t with numerical proof. Being able to see the results of your efforts will empower you to continue improving your business every day.

The digital trend will continue to grow and the advantages of an online presence will not disappear with the end of COVID-19. 

Now is the perfect time for you to either start or double down on your online efforts.

If you are looking to build or enhance your online presence, feel free to reach out and start a conversation today.

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