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If you’ve been following the recent NBA Draft, you’ll know that this year’s consensus number 1 pick was none other than Kentucky’s Anthony Davis. If you don’t recognize his name then you might’ve, at the very least, have caught a glimpse of what arguably makes NBA’s latest talent, an easily recognizable figure.

The Unibrow.

Now in our day in age, a unibrow is not the most favourable look one can don. But what’s great is, Davis has turned this normally negatively viewed attribute into a positive. He’s fully embraced the look, and not only that, he’s taken full advantage of it from a personal branding perspective. He’s even gone as far as trademarking some catchphrases such as “Fear the Brow” and “Raise the Brow” for all sorts of merchandising opportunities.

Gotta give Davis’ business sense, he’s already thinking long-term and he has yet to play his first NBA game.

Here’s a CNN article regarding his trademarks.


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