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Working with an agency, outsourcing your marketing is a calculated decision to take, but it helps growing businesses avoid the risks and hassles that come with in-house marketing teams.

As someone running a business, you are aware of how important effective marketing is in the overall success of the company. But you’re also acutely aware of how getting into the weeds can distract you from actually running and growing your business. With limited time and resources at hand, can you afford to focus only on marketing, while ignoring the big picture? 

According to a 2021 report by Clutch, a leading B2B research firm, 80% of small businesses intend to outsource their marketing efforts to experts. They’re choosing to outsource their marketing for many reasons, to save time, bring in experts with more focused abilities, and most importantly, to help grow their business.

These businesses will benefit most from outsourced marketing. 

If your organization doesn’t employ a large, in-house team to run marketing, you might still have a small team (or just one person) who handles your website, email communications and social media. Hiring a web developer, designer, copywriter, SEO expert, brand strategy expert and more all add up. Most good marketing agencies have people with these skill sets on staff, and when you work with these agencies, you have access to their talent when you need it.

 Small to medium-sized, privately owned businesses are usually those that will see the most benefits and the greatest returns from outsourcing their marketing.



  • You’ve been managing and executing your own marketing
  • You know you need a strategy, but haven’t got to it yet
  • You have little or no staff support for marketing in-house
  • Your in-house marketing is swamped and struggling to keep pace

You might want to consider outsourcing,
and Mystique can help!

11 signs you're ready to outsource your marketing

1. You don’t have a marketing strategy

Of course, you have marketing activities, but you have no real plan. If you don’t have a strategy, you’re wasting all your efforts, because your marketing won’t give you the results you need.

2. The marketing content your brand puts out is inconsistent.

You might be great at putting together print ads, digital ads, press releases, blogs and newsletters. But streamlining all of them so that it is on-brand, cohesive, and relevant is important too!

3. You and your team are overloaded with daily tasks, with no time for long-term thinking

Without a roadmap in place, the day-to-day tasks that marketing in-house demands take up a lot of your time. With support from an agency and access to marketing automation, you can change this.

4. You're struggling to get out of the weeds and focus on growing your business.

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager, being swamped with marketing can distract you from what’s important for you and your business. An outsourced marketing team taking over will leave you time and energy to do what you do best.

5. You’re not happy with your marketing results.

If you are not seeing the ROI that your efforts deserve, you probably need expert help. An outsourced marketing agency offers a wealth of expertise with a specialist’s attention to every aspect of your marketing.

6. You want to take your marketing to the next level.

You see awesome websites, clever articles, or even a well-written email and you wish you had the time and resources to dedicate to marketing to your customers like that. An outsourced agency can offer the expertise and resources to step up your marketing game.

7. You have great ideas, but not the time, energy or expertise to execute them.

With an outsourced marketing team to support you, you’ll have all the resources you need to bring your brilliant ideas to life. If your ideas fit in with the strategy and goals that you and the marketing team have agreed on, they’ll be more than happy to do the legwork and bring your idea to life.

8. You understand the importance of expertise

You are definitely the expert on your business. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the expert when it comes to marketing your business. If you are ready to trust a reliable marketing agency that has a proven track record of providing excellent results, you know you’re ready to outsource.

9. Your business is growing.

With a growing business and more customers and leads in the pipeline, you are going to have to keep up. Bringing in an agency to manage and nurture those leads makes sense, to help you keep that growth momentum going.

10. Your business is not growing.

If your business isn’t yet where you’d like it to be, hiring an expert to figure out where you’re faltering is a smart move. They can prioritize the most crucial marketing tasks that have the most impact on growth and get those executed perfectly.

11. You know that outsourced marketing is a partnership

You’re aware that when you do hire an outsourced marketing agency, it’s the beginning of a collaborative effort to do what’s best for YOUR business. A marketing agency will take most of the work off your hands, but they will appreciate a client who will be supportive and involved.

Final thoughts on outsourcing your marketing 

Whether you’re ready to outsource your marketing immediately or not, it’s clear you’ve been considering it, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. 

Getting some research in while you still have the time is a great way to go about it. Just like hiring an employee, when you’re searching for a team to outsource your marketing to, the right fit is important.

When you outsource your marketing, you don’t need to go all-in immediately. It’s not an either-or decision you’re making. You can choose to go hybrid, by outsourcing a few parts of your marketing efforts. A good marketing agency will help you understand which parts are best outsourced – to them or any capable marketing team.

As your business grows, you can outsource more parts of your marketing efforts, choosing to find the right balance between all-internal and 100% outsourced marketing that works for your unique needs.

If you need some help planning and executing what steps you need to take to best use outsourced marketing to succeed in your business goals, our experts will be happy to work with you.

We invite you to schedule a no-obligation discovery call with us to understand how outsourcing your marketing can give you the support you need to better build your business.

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