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social media torontoWe’ve been thinking about starting a blog on our site for some time now. We struggled to answer the questions that I’m sure many other business managers ask: Do we need a blog? How will this blog help us to achieve our commercial objectives? Who’s going to write it and maintain it? And above all this – do we have anything to say worth reading?

The answer to the first question seems self-evident after answering the rest. The answer to the second question seems relatively easy – If our content offers expert information, insight, and practical tips or tools, then not only does it build our equity as a generous brand but also it invokes something more valuable – dialogue with our customers and prospects alike. Having a blog makes this a whole lot easier, not to mention, a whole lot faster. And let’s not forget, from a marketing point of view – search engines are currently in love with blogs – so we get extra brownie points towards our optimization efforts.

As far as who writes it and maintains it – shoptalk will feature a number of contributors, all offering their own perspective, based on their experience, on a variety of relevant topics promoting success for your small to medium sized business. We welcome your questions, comments and criticisms and look forward to the opportunity to hear your views.

But hang on a minute, I’ve just sped past the difficult bit – do we have anything to say worth reading? Time will tell. You be the judge. Check back frequently – better yet sign up for our RSS feed, so you’ll be notified when we’ve posted new material. And please, let us know your thoughts – your wisdom will be a welcome addition to this endeavor.


paul bies

Paul Bies
Mystique Brand Communications