Survey says…Lead Generation is the most important challenge facing their organization this year

This question was posed to both clients and colleagues through two separate surveys – first via Survey Monkey in an email blast, and then through Linkedin. While I had to change the answers somewhat for the Linkedin Survey as it only allows for four – the results are similar.
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According to those who replied ‘Lead Generation’ is the most important challenge facing their organization this year. Or, as stated in our client survey; Increasing the effectiveness of outbound and inbound marketing. This came as no surprise as achieving a better ROI from our marketing dollars has and always will be the primary goal of marketing.

30 Creative Ways to Generate More Leads

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 What did surprise me was that more seemed interested in increasing their outbound marketing effectiveness (e.g. direct mail, ads, email marketing, trade shows) over their inbound efforts (e.g. SEO, PPC, Social Media). In this economic environment I assumed that everyone was looking to invest in more cost effective inbound marketing. But as I compared our business I realized that our sales support the results. Mystique still sells more outbound marketing services compared to inbound. However, inbound marketing sales are growing at a quicker pace so the answer may change next year.
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Regardless, the best thing about meeting the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of your marketing is that success will solve your number two challenge.

Happy New Year.

Paul Bies

paul bies

Mystique Brand Communications

Client Survey (via Survey Monkey) Completed: 44
Linkedin Survey Completed: 7