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1. Content is King. You need to have lots of quality content that is related to your business. You want to engage the visitor to keep them coming back. Add a blog and keep adding articles as Google tends to like large sites.

2. Tag your images. Many forget to assign alt tags to their images. I’m not talking about calling a file ‘logo’. Give alt tags to images that include your keywords.

3. Get quality inbound links. The keyword is quality. You need links from sites with a good reputation and lots of traffic. Beware of the spam links from directories with no relation to your industry. non-useful links are easily caught and discounted by search engines.

4. Videos help rankings. A under-utilized tool. A well produced video will not only help your SEO efforts but help build your brand.

5. Continue your SEO efforts. Website search engine optimization is an on-going process. If you want to maintain your page one rankings you need to review and update your site on an ongoing basis.

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