EMO employee care package

The last 14 months have left many feeling disengaged, burnt out, and downright exhausted. Since most people spend most of their adult life at work it’s important to have staff feel fit, healthy, and happy. EMO recognizes this.

To help promote wellbeing, Sharon Bak, Field Officer for the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management-Thunder Bay, engaged Mystique Brand Communications to develop an Employee Care Package – a little something to help their staff feel supported, loved, comforted, and empowered. Sharon provided a couple of ideas for content and Mystique carefully sourced high-quality products and thoughtfully bundled them to help put a smile on their faces while boosting overall well-being.

Each specifically curated EMO branded bag and contents including a journal for staff to write down their thoughts, a heart shaped stress ball, a glass water bottle to encourage them to stay hydrated, and a bookmark that featured a Box Breathing technique as well as contact information for their Employee Family Assistance Program for additional support.

Happy employees are your best brand ambassadors. Treat them well and that positive energy will pass on to those they engage with.

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