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You run a business and it’s running well, but is your audience large enough to generate cashflow from your website? You have the processes available to handle more customers, but how can you get them to use your services? Quite honestly, to be in business today, it’s a given that you SHOULD have a company website. To not have one limits the amount of business you are doing.

Today, the number one lead generation tool for your business is a website. It is the brochure (and more) of the 21st century!

Here are 10 reasons why you should have a website:

1. A website is more cost effective than printing a brochure of the same size. Though, it can work in tandem with traditional print mediums.

2. A website has the ability to grow your market. Through search engines your website promotes your business globally.

3. Your website can generate advertising revenue locally and globally by offering advertising space.
For example, a mortgage broker might help to promote furniture businesses, or content movers, landscapers, etc.

4. Your website runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Customers can check your company and products even if you are not physically in your office.

5. A website offers extended user convenience. Viewers can try before they buy (virtually).
Depending on the descriptive and imagery content on your website, customers can guage what kind of products or services you have available, and given the ability can purchase online.

6. A website adds value to your products/services with content – tips, tricks and more info. Pre-purchase research by viewers provides added credibility for you. As content is king, the more a customer knows about you and your services the better – including previous customer testimonials and viral social media chatter.

7. Use your website with proven sales techniques instead of hiring and training unnecessary sales force.
The performance of salesforces generally takes time to accumulate potential customers. By standardizing your offering, this sequence takes a lot less time.

8. A website offers flexibility in content. You have the capability of targeting your offering through landing pages.
The details of your business can change depending on your market. Now you can make the right decisions in a cost effective way via your website.

9. A website provides one on one communications with your potential customers via instant feedback forms.

10. A website can be used to manufacture easy market research through surveys and polls.
Through analytics, you can find out where your customers come from and what their buying habits are.

These benefits and the help of an effective website development firm can help you grow your business.

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Frank Beecham
Frank Beecham
Mystique Brand Communications