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Postcard Design

Straight up… postcards work.

Postcards are the most affordable and effective direct mailing tool available. Even in this digital age, Postcards are an effective way to generate leads, close sales, make announcements or stay in touch with your clients. For effective postcard design, follow our six-step formula to ensure a positive return on your next postcard campaign:


1.  Limit the front to one simple message.

A single message works best to quickly engage your readers. Too much information may overwhelm them.  Write a bold, concise headline and make sure it stands out.


2.  Support your primary post card message with appropriate visuals

Reinforce your primary marketing message with appropriate graphics. Whether you utilize photography or illustration, the graphic needs to quickly emphasize the point you are trying to make – in an effort to evoke a response.


3.  Design your postcard with Scan-ability in mind.

Scan-ability refers to the design elements that are not just scanned with a quick glance – but retained. Your postcard needs have a natural flow that leads the reader to understand asap what your selling and the benefits, while supporting your brand image.


4.  Increase sales with Relevant Benefits

Be sure to reveal the benefits that carry the most relevance with your customers on the postcard.  Not simply the features, but the advantages and benefits these features deliver, as well as the buying motives they satisfy.


5.  A Clear Call to Action

When it comes to postcard marketing – don’t leave anything to chance. Assuming that you’ve caught their attention and satisfied their motives – tell them what you expect them to do next with a clear and concise call to action.  Examples might include:

  • Call for more information
  • See us online
  • Visit our store
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Sign up today.

You may also want to instil a sense of urgency in an effort to get them to take action right now. Give them a specific reason to act immediately.  Something like:

  • Limited quantity available
  • Offer expires in three weeks
  • Rates are going up.


6.  Include the Essentials

Don’t forget the absolute essentials on your postcards:

  • Contact Information – Make it easy for readers to respond and include all your essential contact information directly below the call to action. Include your company name, phone number, website and email addresses, as well as your social networks.
  • Logo – Your company logo is a necessity, however, don’t let it overshadow the primary message of your postcard. The headline, benefits, and offer should have prominence.
  • Return Address – A bricks and mortar address conveys trust, letting readers know that they’re dealing with a real business. In addition, if you’re sending them out first-class, any undeliverable postcards will be returned, allowing you to update your mailing list.

To ensure a successful direct mail marketing campaign, take the time to incorporate the six features outlined in our Postcard formula above. And if you need us… we would be happy to consult with you on your next postcard marketing campaign. Mystique Brand Communications offers direct marketing strategy in addition to postcard design and postcard mailing services.

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