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Dan Robinson Construction Management — Re-Brand

Dan Robinson Construction Management (DRCM) is a full-service Home Renovation and Addition company based in East Toronto.
DRCM realized their business had outgrown its existing brand. Their messaging was outdated and they needed to attract more high-value renovation leads to sustain profitable growth. Tired of missing out on potential projects they approached Mystique seeking a strategy to revive their identity in a way that represented the true value they bring to home renovation projects while at the same time, improve their processes to help with customer acquisition.


In an ultra-competitive field, finding that truly unique value proposition that makes a construction firm stand out can take time. The process starts with a thorough understanding of DRCM’s target market. Where do they live? What do they do? What do they want? What do they read when researching home renovation projects and companies? And who do they turn to for validation?


The rebrand process starts with research and analysis to help clarify their vision, goals, and values. During the initial discovery, the client made it clear that they were open to anything — including a name change — a decision we never take lightly.

Understanding that their renovation projects typically involve an addition or a full-gut and rebuild — with fees starting at $500,000 — we needed a strategy to engage high-net-worth individuals or at least those well on their way with high-income careers. Customer insights showed most clients to be Baby Boomers or Gen Xers  — typically Doctors, Lawyers, and C-level executives.

During the brand audit, we explored strengths that could be ingrained through their identity. Do homeowners understand the benefits of ‘Construction Management’. Did general contractors mean more to them?

We also looked closely at the homeowner decision thought process concerning to either go through the tedious process of a renovation or the sometimes more stressful undertaking of moving.


After careful consideration and alternate name proposals it was decided to retain the name, Dan Robinson Construction Management, and build upon the years of goodwill surrounding it.

The rebrand messaging emphasized Dan Robinson’s unique hybrid approach to home renovation management. Combining the efficiency of general contracting with a completely transparent construction management structure which provides clients the opportunity to pay their own vendors, as well as products and services, directly as a way to help save on cost.

The logo was redesigned. It illustrates a simple, straight forward approach while integrating an icon meant to represent both a second-floor addition as well as smart home communication to support the interactive 24/7 lifestyle of the modern high-income professional.

The colour scheme was updated from a black only logo to add red to the visual identity helping to add stopping power to all communications elements.

To engage potential customers we use the tagline of  “Love your home again” as a promise of what their projects deliver.

Ongoing online and offline marketing campaigns will make Dan Robinson appear on the radar of anyone considering a luxurious home renovation.

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