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Graphic Design

The relationship between a design team and a client is one that is reflective of a partnership. Great graphic design is born out of a strong and meaningful relationship built on trust and strong communication. Success is rooted in the commitment of strong leaders who demand bold, innovative thinking. These are leaders who seek different points of view to broaden their own perspectives, have an affinity to see the world through the eyes of customers, employees, competitors and influencers, and respect the expertise of those who excel at their craft. These kinds of relationships take brands to the best possible place.


Here are a few things that designers and clients alike should keep in mind to ensure the most success out of new projects:


  • A client should disclose all pertinent information that is vital to making the project a success. This can include but is not limited to: background information on the industry, holes in the market, company culture and personality, target audience (age, sex, interests, etc), goals, competition, timeline, budget, etc … leaving no stone unturned. The design team can also do much of the research but a client must realize that this involvement will increase the cost of engagement.
  • A designer should understand and define the problem presented by the brief and explore the best possible solutions to meet the project’s objectives. Understanding that your brand should be the focal point of all your communication endeavours – these solutions should communicate a point about the company, product, service, etc … in a succinct fashion, while catering the message to the target audience in an evocative manner.
  • Ask questions … a lot of questions – and raise any, and all, concerns that one may encounter during the process.
  • Be critical but open-minded.
  • Be timely and consistent by respecting the established timeline.
  • Be consistent in terms of contact – don’t disappear in the middle of the process.
  • Be specific and concise, leaving no room for interpretation in one’s communications (goals, objectives, revisions, preferences, concepts, presentations, email correspondence, phone meetings, etc).
  • Be organized – proper file naming and management (being concise and omit the unnecessary). This applies to supplied art and imagery, copy and any other form of supplied content, proofs and other digital deliverables.


Communication is key so there needs to be an open dialogue present at all times, whereby questions and concerns can be addressed in a timely fashion without hesitation. Again, trust must be present … in the designer’s expertise, as well as the client’s knowledge and expertise in their respective industry. Egos must pushed aside and replaced with enthusiasm, cooperation, respect, trust and commitment for a project to be successful.


rene tan
Rene Tan
Graphic Designer
Mystique Brand Communications


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