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Unless you’re going to invest a lot of money in advertising and promotions, the only way is to somehow manipulate how your customers find you.

We’ve all heard of SEO consultants who promise number one Google rankings. Lesson number one: Guaranteed rankings are a myth! Search engine crawl rates and algorithms are so different and unpredictable, making guarantees is irresponsible and misleading. However, there are ways to help get higher rankings than you already have, and this multi-part article will give you some insight into these. So don’t forget to come back and learn a little bit more.

A little insight:
Anybody can build a nice looking website. But a lot of designers aren’t concerned about, or know how to build a site that drives business. Unless these pages are optimized correctly, you might as well take them offline, because nobody will be able to find them unless YOU tell them the url, and who can afford to do that without big ad budgets? Try optimizing for search engines. It’s cheaper than using media advertising, and it works!

Some stats to think about:
During a recent survey on user attitudes, 56 percent use search engines on a daily basis. 35 percent of those do at least one search per day, 21 percent search four or more times a day. Only one percent say they never use search engines. Note: everyone surveyed was an Internet user. 57 percent use the same search engine. 30.5 percent used several search engines, and 13 percent used different search engines for different types of searches. By far, Google led the way with 66 percent, followed by Yahoo at 55 percent, MSN at 54 percent and AOL at 49 percent.

91 percent of those surveyed, said they’d search differently if the initial search failed to find a suitable match within the first three pages. A survey two years ago prior found the figure to be 71 percent. 26 percent said they’d give up a search if they didn’t find a match on the first two pages. Searchers are becoming increasingly discriminate due to the seemingly endless pages of matches. Women more so than men. 44 percent of women don’t go past the first page. Only 37 percent of men agreed.

Food for thought — and this is only the beginning. Come again for more SEO tips.

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