Why Mystique?

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Fact is…your business is different.

You have unique challenges, goals, resources, threats, and opportunities that can be vastly different from a similar type of business just down the block.

We understand this. It’s why we take the time to listen, observe and do the research to understand your specific needs, goals and objectives.

We’re different too.

Mystique takes a compelling, fresh approach by combining the best features of:

  • A brand development agency
  • A marketing firm and
  • A graphic design & web services group.

Unlike typical design shops Mystique integrates these three approaches into a unified whole, not only developing a fresh brand, but offering you the power to build brand equity and measure your return on investment.
We can help link your sales and marketing processes into a powerful system that will help you grow your business. Imagine being able to account for the success of each particular program in your sales and marketing efforts. That ability is yours.

Mystique is process-oriented. We take a workshop approach to helping you. The advantages of this are that we:

  • leverage your knowledge and insight, as opposed to just telling you what you ought to do
  • streamline the process and build consensus between your goals, your client’s needs, and our experience
  • reduce costs for you by stressing early analysis of and agreement on marketing efforts and their expected results

Our approach results in a customized Brand Communications System for your business – one that can integrate all your marketing research, brand development, lead generation, nurturing, and customer development programs into one streamlined business system.

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What we do

Brand Development

Market planning

You don’t want to enter new markets or reinvent yourself for your existing market without a clear map of the territory. Mystique Brand Communications provides you with the critical information you need to build market share, enter new markets with confidence, and to generate new revenue streams in your existing segments.

Market Analysis
Know how much money you stand to make in a market. Know your competitors. Know the roadbumps facing your market. With Mystique Brand Communications’s market analysis programs, you can make the smart choices in implementing your sales and marketing plans.

Your marketing dollars are wasted if you’re targeting the wrong market segment. Mystique Brand Communications help you identify your ideal customer, their decision criteria, your main selling proposition and supporting key messages.

Brand Positioning
Good, strong strategy lays the foundation for a successful brand. Through discussion and research, we’ll challenge you to identify the values your brand represents – helping define your brand essence – the unique character and the emotional benefits of your brand – that should exist in every experience with your brand – the foundation for your desired brand perception.

Mystique’s positioning strategies help you identify the clearest messages – the ones that attract customers and give them a reason to buy your products and/or services.

Brand Identity Design
A solid brand image is a must if you want to grow your business.

Everyday we are bombarded by brands. Serving as the centrepiece of your brands is the logo – the visual representation of everything your company stands for. It needs to inspire trust, reliability and familiarity. Based on company vision, strategies and values, Mystique designs logos that stand the test of time.

Your signature brand message needs to be consistent throughout all of your branding materials: your logo, website, business cards, brochures, the fonts, the colours, imagery, equipment, your office, even your attire, your interactions and personality. Absolutely everything! Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of your customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions – some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot.

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Lead Generation and Conversion

A company that fails to attract new customers is spending its marketing budget ineffectively. Mystique Brand Communications design programs to help you identify prospects, generate leads, and close business.

Understand that your messages, throughout your sales cycle and marketing programs, must be consistent. Confusing buyers with different messages can lose you sales or delay buying decisions.

Prospect Identification
The starting point for your sales funnel is a database of prospects. Mystique can design strategies to identify prospects in your key markets and also in related markets you haven’t yet considered.

Our prospect identification work includes:

  • defining potential buyer characteristics
  • identifying sources of names and/or media to reach prospects
  • acquiring and building database lists

Lead Generation
Once you’ve identified prospects, you must identify the leads most likely to choose your products and/or services. Mystique designs lead generation programs that combine marketing disciplines to deliver the lead counts you need to keep sales flowing.

Our lead generation work includes:

  • designing an integrated lead generation system
  • developing marketing programs that drive response
  • executing communications programs

Nurturing & Conversion
Even with a full pipeline of leads, your company may not be closing sales as quickly-or as efficiently-as your revenue goals demand. Mystique can design closing and lead conversion strategies so your sales force can close deals more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our closing/conversion work includes:

  • defining nurturing and conversion systems
  • setting up automated systems
  • creating selling systems

Customer development
Don’t forget… your most profitable customer is an existing customer. Every day you risk losing your customers to competitors, lack of engagement or quality of customer relations. With tailored loyalty programs Mystique can help deepen the relationship with your customers, protecting and even  growing – your revenue streams.

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Analytics and ROI Tracking

The point of brand awareness is to generate market share, which directly translates to increasing revenue. And analytics are key to ensuring that you get the most return on your brand investment. Allowing you to focus your efforts on one deciding factor  regarding effectiveness: the creation of a sales opportunity.

Mystique Brand Communications use SharpSpring CRM to record and manage lead sources, and track their sales paths, whether they come from an email campaign, advertisement, or inbound web lead. Google Analytics and Google Adwords are integrated into SharpSpring’s convenient dashboard for easy review.

Closed deals (won and lost) are analyzed to eliminate waste and identify successful tactics – allowing you to drive more leads with the same marketing dollars.

Bottom line – don’t spend your time and money if you’re not going to track what’s happening. Allow Mystique’s experienced analysts to integrate Analytics into your marketing efforts and begin using your marketing and advertising dollars more effectively today!

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