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A lot of tools have been created to fix holes in Twitter’s functionality – here’s some to try out… is a plug-in for Chrome that allows you to hide certain status updates on Twitter. For example, if like me you think Foursquare-based tweets are irrelevant, then simply add ‘Foursquare’ and / or ‘’ as a term. You can also mute specific users.
If you’re just looking for a simple tool that mutes a Twitter user then here it is.
A scheduling tool for Twitter. Rather than sharing lots of content in a short space of time, you can click the Buffer bookmarklet to add it to your tweeting schedule. Tweets will then be staggered. You can plug in your account to use a custom domain and monitor analytics. Try Buffer.

A tool for creating a ‘tweetwall’. Choose hashtags, keywords or users and Tweetwally will display them on a dedicated web page. You can embed tweetwall onto your own website.


Frank Beecham
Frank Beecham
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