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direct mail toronto

Pinpoint your prospects and boost your sales. Some business owners tend to overlook direct marketing as a useful tool in a larger brand marketing strategy. However, as part of an integrated sales and marketing system, targeting customers with a well-conceived direct mail campaign is still a powerful approach to introduce new products, develop highly targeted leads, and gain market share.

Here’s why direct marketing works… you can:
• Measure results accurately
• Control the size and scope of your mail-outs
• Focus on your target audience
• Personalize your message
• Test your direct campaigns in a variety of markets
• Drive traffic to your website
• Use proven direct prospect campaigns over and over
• Develop repeat sales to proven customers
• Compete with anybody, even large competitors.

Direct marketing campaigns have another benefit. Although you will not receive a response from every client, your mail-outs have a farther-reaching effect. Someone interested in your product or services will likely inform others, who may be intrigued by what you have to offer. In essence your mail-outs are still having a ‘word of mouth’ effect on prospects who might not have received anything from one of your direct marketing campaigns.

Is your direct marketing program hitting the response rates you need? Contact us to discuss how the integration of direct mail into your marketing strategy can help deliver leads.


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