Note to Self: A free handwritten typeface

Note to Self: A free handwritten typeface
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Note to self is a typeface I developed while during my graphic design undergraduate degree at OCAD. It is a typeface based on my handwriting and comes with a principal and companion typeface – Fifth Grade and Third Year.


Fifth Grade originated – yep you guessed it – in the fifth grade of elementary school when I needed to make my writing a little bit more presentable (I had a habit of writing everything in caps back in the day) for a poetry project. It has evolved quite a bit since then but the main characteristics of a small x-height and long ascenders and descenders remains intact.


Third Year originated in my third year of my college days where I fell in love with the aesthetics of a condensed all-caps face – specifically Trade Gothic condensed caps. I began incorporating it into my writing and notes as a subhead of shorts and haven’t looked back since.


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Rene Tan
Graphic Designer
Mystique Brand Communications

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